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Wilks Funeral Home

Wilks funeral home provides compassionate and professional funeral home services for those who have lost a loved…

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Gain Maximum muscular potential

It’s no secret that gaining muscle mass is a goal for many athletes. Whether you’re looking to…

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One Rep Max Calculator

One Rep Max Calculator When it comes to lifting weights and getting stronger, one of the most…

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What is a Wilks Score?

What is a Wilks Score? If you’re interested in strength training, chances are you’ve heard of the…

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Strong Man

What is a good wilks score?

What is the Wilks score used for? The Wilks formula is used to compare lifted weight in…

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Calculate Your Wilks Score in Pounds. Just how many wilks points are you scoring?

If you’ve ever wondered even once how you can compute your Wilks score to pounds, then you’ve…

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