What is a Wilks Score?

What is a Wilks Score?

If you’re interested in strength training, chances are you’ve heard of the Wilks score. But what exactly is a Wilks score, and what does it indicate?

Simply put, the Wilks score is a way of quantifying an individual’s strength relative to their bodyweight. The higher your Wilks score, the stronger you are in relation to your bodyweight. The formula for calculating your Wilks score considers many different factors, including your gender, age, and weight.

So why is the Wilks score important? For athletes who compete in weight-classed sports, the Wilks score can be a helpful way of determining which weight class they should compete in. It can also be used to compare the strength of athletes across different weight classes.

And for strength training enthusiasts, the Wilks score can be a motivator to continue increasing their strength.

If you’re curious about your own Wilks score, there are several online calculators that can help you determine it. So, whether you’re a competitive athlete or just interested in strength training, learning your Wilks Score can give you valuable insights into your progress and potential.

The main reason we created Wilks Calculator is to help our fellow athletes gain a better understanding of their overall strength.

What is a good Wilks Score?

The Wilks score is a way of measuring someone’s strength relative to their body weight. The higher the score, the stronger the person is. The Wilks score is used in a variety of different sports, including powerlifting, weightlifting, and Crossfit.

It is also used by some law enforcement agencies as a way of determining if an applicant has the physical strength to perform the job. Since different sports require different measurements of strength you may find that calculating in pounds will be helpful.

There are a few online calculators that can be used to determine someone’s Wilks score. The wilks calculator considers a person’s body weight, age, and gender, and then uses a formula to calculate their score. The wilks score is a good way to measure someone’s strength, and can be used in a variety of different contexts.

What is Wilks in lifting

Wilks is a score that strength athletes use to compare their relative strength. The Wilks score is calculated using a formula that considers the athlete’s body mass and their lifts in specific exercises. The higher the Wilks score, the stronger the athlete is relative to their body mass.

The Wilks score is used in a variety of strength sports, including powerlifting, weightlifting, and strongman. One other calculator you’ll find valuable is our One Rep Max calculator.

There are several online calculators that can be used to determine an athlete’s Wilks score.

There are also several championships and competitions that use the Wilks score to compare athletes of different sizes. Ultimately, the Wilks score is a useful tool for strength athletes to gauge their progress and compare their strength to other athletes.

Is a Wilks Score accurate?

When it comes to determining strength, the wilks score is often used as a benchmark. But how accurate is this score? The wilks score is calculated by considering a person’s body weight and then comparing it to their strength. It’s a relatively simple formula, but there are some potential inaccuracies.

 For one thing, body weight can fluctuate, so a person’s wilks score may not be accurate if their weight has changed since they were last tested. In addition, the wilks score does not consider factors like muscular endurance or explosiveness.

As a result, it’s possible that someone with a high wilks score may not necessarily be the strongest person in the room. Nevertheless, the wilks score remains a useful tool for measuring strength and can be helpful in gauging progress over time.

Who has the highest Wilks Score?

wilks score is a measure of strength relative to bodyweight. The higher the wilks score, the stronger the person is in relation to their bodyweight. Shane Haller holds the record for the highest wilks score, with a score of 775.

Marianna Gasparyan has the highest wilks score for a woman, with a score of 675, also see What is a Good Wilks Score.

These scores are incredibly impressive and show just how strong these individuals are in relation to their bodyweight. Here are some other insane top lifters:

LifterDatePointsWeightBody weight
1.Taylor Atwood06/14/2021123.42838.5 kg73.6 kg
2.Jesse Norris12/13/2014121.99914 kg89.3 kg
3.Ashton Rouska11/14/2020120.97950.5 kg98.5 kg

What is a range of wilks Scores?

300 pounds is a good place for beginners, you’re not yet at the national level but there’s potential and with more time you’ll get stronger! 350-400 makes one eligible as an open weight competition champion or National level; 450 stamps that person in the Championship status.

500+ puts him/her among those who have reached top status in their category – which accounts for 100 or so people on the Planet!

A Wilks Score of 600

This would put you into the stratosphere of all-time greats!

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